Imagine if you got into your car in January and were forced to sit there until December.
And in that time you missed your kids get a year older, you couldn’t see your partner and you got unfit and unhealthy.
Seems crazy that anyone would do it, right?
Perhaps not.
It’s pretty scary to know that a recent survey supported by the Australian Government found this is true for just about every working Australian.
It’s research discovered that the average Australian spends 4.4 hours a day driving to and from work.
And doing some quick calculations reveals this is almost exactly one whole year of our lives travelling back and forth to our jobs.
Worst of all our traffic is getting worse so this is likely to much higher by the time you retire.
Kinda sucks, doesn’t it.

People are fighting back.

According to the Council of Small Business Australia there are almost 2 million Australians running their own home based businesses.
They aren’t wasting a year of their life in their car making their employer rich.
They don’t have to spend time getting ready for work, dropping kids off to child care or being forced to work when there are other things they’d rather do.
And best of all they’re not limited to a set income. Many are creating extraordinary lives by building scalable businesses from home which can be as big … or as small as they want them to be.

What’s a great way to get started?

People often ask “What’s the best way to get a business going?”
The answer is surprisingly simple.
Find something people want and sell it to them.
It’s an age-old rule of business, and there’s never been a better time in history to exploit it than now.
Because you can quickly find hot markets thanks to the internet.
You can make high quality goods to sell, or even easier you can import them for very low prices from China. (Over $4 billion worth of goods are imported from China into Australia every year so it’s hardly risky).
And then sell them on your own website, eBay or Gumtree.

The best part?

You can start on a small scale to get a feel for what you’re doing.
And then work a few hours a week on your new business while you expand as slowly or as quickly as you like. This means you build up your own stable, prosperous business until you’re earning more than your day job so you go full-time.