Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d have probably seen an endless stream of people urging you to become a ‘highly paid consultant’.

‘Apparently’ anyone can do this.

However, my advice is …

… don’t fall for the hype.

Nobody gets paid big bucks unless they’ve got some exceptional skills in their field. The blunt reality is nobody gets paid to dish out advice unless they’ve got an astonishing track record in their field already.

Fact is, if you ain’t got the goods you won’t get the money. And no amount of advertising know-how will ever get you across this hurdle.

Add to this the vast number of wanna-be consultants and coaches you could be competing against and you can see why this idea consultants idea is beginning to stink.

So if aren’t already known as a leading authority in your field, what can you do?

It’s surprisingly simple. You follow a business model which has worked for thousands of years.

You buy high quality goods for a low price, then sell them for a higher price.

It used to be the domain of shops and in markets, and now thanks to the internet you can do the exact same thing … only without needing to rent a store.

And once you set it up, your online store does the selling for you. You can literally make sales while you’re working in a full-time job. And the first you’ll know is when you check your online store account.

Best of all, thanks to Amazon you can send a whole bunch of stock to them, and whenever someone buys from you they send it on your behalf. Which makes it pretty simple.

Even a ‘highly paid consultant’ has to talk to customers. With this you don’t, and now thanks to Amazon handling your fulfilment you can grow as big as you like.

So to all you ‘highly paid consultant’ gurus out there I say this:

“Thanks, but I’ve got a better offer”.