You see them in the schoolyard.

You see them in the street.

You see them in the workplace.

Bullies, carrying on like they own the place. Doing whatever it takes to get their own way, no matter how many people get hurt or how high the cost.

It’s like they don’t notice, or don’t care how much carnage they cause.

Worse still, many of these bullies rise to the top where they can manipulate more people and inflict even more damage.

Sadly the world is littered with people who suffered at the hands of merciless bullies. And the workplace is the worst place of all.

Don’t be complacent. It could happen to you.

Today you’re happy at work;tomorrow a new person starts who sees you as a threat to be destroyed.

Or a new manager comes in from outside and wreaks havoc.

Even more common is one of your colleagues who gets a promotion and suddenly turns on you like a wild dog.

Hey, it happens all the time.

And can you protect yourself?

Well, according to many well-meaning government agencies, (and politically correct HR departments) you should report any bullying behaviour and talk to someone if you want support.

Yeah, right. The same people who employed this bully sure as hell aren’t going to admit they were wrong.

So … you could fight back. But do you really want to be one of them?

This is one of the reasons people should start a part-time ELF business.

What’s an ELF business?

It’s Easy, Lucrative and Fun.

And it means if you get trouble at work you can say “screw this” and walk away, knowing your income is easily replaced.

It’s the ultimate freedom because suddenly you’re immune to these lowlife scumbags.

They can do their worst, and you’re free to ignore them. Because the moment your job is no longer fun … you can toss your resignation onto your boss’ desk and walk away.

And that is the ultimate power YOU have over BULLIES. The power to say “screw you pal” and ride off into the sunset.