If someone held a gun to your head and TOLD you to start a business in 10 days, do you think you could?
It’s not likely to happen. But sometimes life has a funny habit of kicking you when you least expect it.
And you’re forced to respond.
People have turned up at work only to find the padlocks on the gates and the liquidators inside.
People get injured or sick and can’t earn any money.
Sometimes people just get plain sick of struggling for every dollar they earn and decide … enough is enough!
And they have to come up with a way of earning money fast or their problems are going to multiply.
Which leads me to think about what your options are.
First, you can do something conventional like mowing lawns. Problem is it’s hard work and your income is limited. There’s only so many hours in the day. And besides, you can still get injured doing that and then you’re back to square one.
Perhaps you can go into the information marketing business and sell eBooks and training courses online. However it’s slow, hard work to get ranked by Google and get traffic without paying a king’s ransom for it.
So, what can you do?
There is a sneaky way you can start your own business from home in 10 days and without a big outlay.

It’s importing high quality goods from China and selling them here in Australia.
Now if you’re like most people you probably think I’m talking about importing crappy plastic statues and selling them at the Sunday market. Let me tell you …

… nothing could be further from the truth!

Samsung and Apple both produce high quality goods in China. So do HP and Dell.
Then there’s fashion giants Prada and Armani, along with auto greats Toyota, Honda and Ford.
Even fabled Swiss watches are manufactured using components made in China.
So while quality was an issue 15 years ago it’s certainly changed. The Chinese realised they needed to produce excellent quality to export or their economy would be doomed.
And just to put your mind at ease further, every month $4 billion worth of goods is imported into Australia from China. And that wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t excellent quality.
So back to my main point. How to start a business in 10 days.
It’s simple and there’s only 3 steps.

  1. Go to eBay and Amazon and find something popular that’s selling
  2. Search through aliexpress.com and smallvolume.com and find those products. Or similar ones. You’ll find them, and I bet you’ll find them for a lot cheaper than they’re being sold.
    Now you know there’s a product in demand, and you know you can get it and sell it at a big margin your final step is …
  3. Buy a small quantity of the goods and sell them on eBay yourself.

Then rinse and repeat.
As soon as you’ve got a profit from your first shipment of goods, reinvest this money back into more goods.
And just like that, in only 10 days you’ve got your very own simple import business.