Want more money without giving up your free time?

Hey, who wouldn’t!

Well then you need an ELF business.

An ELF business is…

Easy, Lucrative and Fun!

Which frankly are probably the 3 biggest things you could ever ask for in a business. So imagine having all 3 … in 1.

But before I tell you what ELF businesses are, let me show you which types of businesses are NOT ELF businesses.

First there’s the ‘hard slog’ business. This is like mowing lawns or cleaning houses … which are about as far from ‘easy’ as you can get. Probably about as un-fun as you can get too.

Then there’s the ‘complex’ business. This is like accounting or mortgage broking. And they’re not easy because they’re technical and messy.

Not to mention stressful because you’re dealing with other people’s money.

Then there’s the ‘time-suckers’ – like running a milk-bar which is open 10 hours a day, 7 days a week.

None of these are Easy, Lucrative and Fun.

Here’s how I define an ELF business.

Easy – you don’t need a degree to run it. It won’t take so much time each week it destroys your life. And you can hire other people to do most – if not all of it.

Lucrative – $2,000 a week – bare minimum. And growing each year.

Fun – it gets you bouncing out of bed each morning, and raring to go. You talk with interesting people and even go visit some amazing places. And you won’t walk around stressed all day.

Listen. Passion drives your business. And if it’s not easy, lucrative or fun it’ll soon become a pain. And when that happens there’s no chance of you hitting the lofty heights you can.

So make sure you check out your business ideas by running checking it’s Easy, Lucrative and Fun first. And if it fails then go find something else.

There’s plenty of ideas out there. It’s up to you to find the ELF business you love most.