If you want to start your own part time enterprise, but you worried you might fail then let me tell you about Milton.

Milton was a school dropout. At the tender age of 13 in fact.

First up, Milton worked a printing shop, before he was fired.

He then spent 4 years learning how to make candy before starting his own store in his late teens.

Unfortunately for Milton (and his family who’d lent him money) he went broke.

But did Milton give up?

No way.

He learnt to make caramel and again started his own candy business.

And given the lessons he learnt last time, this time he was sure to succeed, right?

Actually no. He went bust again.

So Milton went for it yet again. This time launching the Lancaster Caramel Company. Only this time he had something he lacked before.

He had a crystal clear vision. So clear in fact that when the banks were about to shut the Lancaster Caramel Company and sell his mother’s heavily mortgaged house he personally invited the bank’s loans officer to visit his company.

And his vision was so inspiring the banker signed for the extension personally.

With his new company making a fortune branched out into milk chocolate and made his fortune.

He built houses for his workers, schools and parks for their children and Churches for them to worship in.

What is Milton’s full name?

It’s Milton Hershey. And Hershey’s tale is one of the world’s most inspiring stories.

Because it proves that, no matter where you are your vision will drive you to succeed and create your own thriving enterprise.

What about you? Do you have a clear vision for your future. I hope you do because it’s this vision which will drive you forward every day.

And as if a twice bankrupt school dropout could become such as success then anyone can.