Beginners Guide To Importing:

How to Import from China Part 1 <<<–Click Here

How to Import from China Part 2<<<–Click Here

Basics Of Importing To Australia<<<–Click Here

Importing From China Into Australia<<<–Click Here

Sourcing From China

The First Step for Importing Goods

Buying Wholesale:

Buying Products Wholesale – Common Myths

Buying Wholesale From China

How To Buy It Wholesale

Importing Wholesale Products

Tips To Get The Best Wholesale Prices


Dealing With Chinese Manufacturers & Suppliers

Drop Shipping:

Finding Reliable Drop Shippers

Managing Your Dropshipping

Pros and Cons Of Drop Shipping

Safety and Protecting Yourself:

Avoid Getting Ripped Off

How to License Your IP for Royalties in China

Customs, Duties, Tariffs, Shipping and More:

Import Duties and Customs Duties

Inspection and Quality Checks

Logistics, Freight & Storage

Hope this helps! I wish you the best on your importing journey and hope our paths cross again many times in the future. Remember if you live in Australia you can always introduce yourself to me and say hello at one of my events I hold in Sydney.

To your importing success!