There’s a new trend in the marketplace, and the impact of this shift is simply astounding.

People from all over the world … mums and dads … students … employees … business owners … retirees … are using it to make an income from home.

It’s so significant that eBay, who have owned the online goods marketplace for years are now running scared.

What is it?

It’s Amazon.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Amazon have been around for years. And they just sell books.

Actually, no. They were … but that’s old news.

Amazon now let the average person list and sell physical products on its site. And it’s so effective you can create a very easy to run business.

When I was in the US recently, every time I walked down the street I saw half a dozen people with Amazon boxes under their arms. Yet people in Australia don’t realise just how enormous it’s become.

It’s huge, and it’s getting bigger. And if you’re planning to start your own business there’s never been a better time to jump on board.

Here’s the 3 big reasons why Amazon are killing eBay, and why it’s now the platform of choice for people wanting to start their own business from home.

First, Amazon do all the fulfilment for you. When you sell something on eBay you have to pack it and send it personally. This all takes time, which means you can only grow to a certain size before you’re too busy to grow any bigger.

Not Amazon though. You give them your goods (or ship them straight there) and they send them on your behalf. And this means, unlike eBay it’s just as easy to sell 100 items as it is selling 1.

Second, Amazon buyers value convenience over bargains. And this means they typically pay more and you make more money.

And third, Amazon treat all their sellers equally. And this means you won’t be forced to the bottom of the listings by established ‘premium’ sellers.

So if you’re thinking of creating your own business from home then make sure you check out selling on Amazon. You’ll be delighted with what you find.