I just want to say a HUGE thanks for checking out my blog and I would like to welcome you on your journey on becoming an importer. It makes NO difference if you’re new to importing (and know NOTHING about the importing process) or an expert ( MR/MISS know-it-all) and looking for some extra advice on dealing with a particular issue/problem you’re facing. I cater for all tastes and experiences! I give out heaps of free training on different levels of importing.

My aim is to help as many Australians as I can become professional importers without the hassle or headache, and that means YOU. I want to help you import YOUR product fast and efficiently.

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I also run training events in Sydney and sometimes interstate you can check out my importing seminar here. (tickets are usually $97 but the next seminar in January is only $25 bucks) Be sure you attend if you’re serious about importing from China.

I truly wish you the best and hope our paths cross many times in the future,

Your friend,
Brendan Elias