In China, you can find a supplier for your new product or a market channels for products. They have low production development and costs. Finding one that meets your needs and wants to work with you to prevent frustration. Awareness, knowledge, and homework are necessary to find a suitable China suppliers.


Know what is available and and categorize to understand your needs. Manufacturer vs 3rd party supplier or vertically integrated manufacturer vs assembly-based manufacturer are examples.

Do preliminary research. Create a data table including company name, contact information, business scale and scope, check boxes, and notes.

Search engines find related information. Review your competitor’s information.

Structured information for Chinese suppliers and industrial knowledge can be obtained by using business directory websites.

Narrow supplier list to a manageable amount. Know your needs and what is available.. Contact and develop supplier relationships.


Analyze supplier types to understand where you are, what to expect, and what you need to do. An experienced person to analyze the information is helpful. Ask advice from people who understand Chinese mentality, culture, and business practices.

Establishing good relationships with management is crucial. The decision-maker may not speak English.

E-mail is fine for exchanging information. A phone call establishes a deeper relationship. A personal meeting is even better.

Work with experienced suppliers and pay attention to agent relationships. This may mean business for you.

Access US Customs records for independently verified list of US shipments. Import Genius offers these records at affordable rates.

A cost effective review of potential suppliers is wise before choosing. Companies in China run by Westerners are available for help.

Visit the production site to know it’s capabilities, check your data, and see that ISO & Quality principles are applied. It helps you know how the company is managed, and creates a crucial friendly relationship.

Document your product using 3D and 2D drawings, Bill of Materials, photos, and prototypes.


Inquiries will get tons of replies for years that pass through spam protection. Don’t use your e-mail address. Contact a reliable outsourcing company.

Be aware that Chinese suppliers with a backlog will sub-contract without informing you. This can lead to sub-standard deliveries.

Watch for fraudulent sellers. Famous brands don’t allow selling below normal selling cost. The sellers may be selling illegally or the product is an imitation.