Making money from home is the ultimate lifestyle for many people.

Imagine how you’ll feel getting up in the morning and turning on your computer to see how much money you made overnight.

Then, feeling relaxed knowing $400 dropped in to your account last night you casually make some breakfast and wonder what you’ll do today.

Perhaps you’ll catch up with friends for coffee (expect the ones who still have jobs of course).

Maybe you’ll drop into the travel agent and book that holiday you’ve been thinking about.

You might even consider some clothes shopping after lunch.

Since you only have an hour or two of actual work to do each day you’re free to enjoy your time as you please.

And an hour or two is nothing. It’s probably what you used to spend commuting.

However, this lifestyle is not for everyone. So to help you, take this quick 5 question quiz to see whether you’re cut out for this lifestyle or not.

Simply answer YES or NO to each of these questions, and look at the results at the end.

Q1)      Do you genuinely want to be rich?

Q2)      Are you committed to learning exciting new skills and applying them in your spare time while you get your business up and running?

Q3)      Will you feel OK that you’re earning more than most people while working significantly less hours?

Q4)      Are you comfortable with the freedom that comes with running a business from home, free of the rigid structure of a 9-5 type job?

Q5)      Are you able to cope with secretly jealous family and friends as you suddenly earn more than them while enjoying the lifestyle they dream of?

Your results:

If you answered YES to at least 3 questions then you are definitely ready to start your own home based business.

If you answered YES to 4 or more then you should be doing something right away because you’re clearly make of “the right stuff” to become a home-based entrepreneur.

You’re clearly too motivated and clear on your goals to be giving you valuable time and energy to somebody else.